tilingatar secondary school

Principal's Message

Principal's Message

Selecting a good school with ample opportunities to foster students academically through intra and extra-curricular activities, in Kathmandu Valley where private schools are being emerged alarmingly; is a bit tough job to the guardians.

Tilingatar Secondary School can be best destination to address the dream of the guardians to enroll their children here to see them as their expectations in the future.The school is situated in a pollution free locality of Tokha Municipality-07, Kathmandu, Nepal. It has run IT (information Technology) Program under the affiliation of CTEVT (Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training) apart from school education from Nursery to twelve Grades.

The intra-curricular activities are combined with consciousness based Education propounded by Vedic Foundation. Teachers and students can enjoy inner peace at micro level through Transcendental Meditation, which is necessary to conquer the outer world to have sufficient and efficient input into their in-depth understanding of the texts or the world of reality.The school has well equipped science lab, computer lab, libraries where students can enjoy different thoughts of different purposes. The spacious school premises and classrooms are best suited to the flow of students. The school has managed two detached buildings as Block A and Block B to adjust the overflow of students. In Block B,   primary level classes are run from grade 1 to 5 and in Block A, ECD classes and Secondary level classes are run from grade 6 to 12. English language is the medium of instruction; so the interests of the parents and students enrolled from the locality are well addressed.

The school is counted in the national stature because of it's goodwill and dignity as the outcome of the combined effort of the public, School Management Committee, Teaching and Non- teaching staffs and generous individuals and organization from home and abroad.

I humbly appeal all interested individuals and institutions home and abroad to provide the school with their kind remarks, suggestions and assistances to move our pace of education forward.